What To Do?

The article below may seem simple, truth for life often is. We love to complicate things, Don’t we? And especially important in this process, pray, and allow time to listen well.


How Do You Decide?

As I drove to the office today, my mind wandered and I wondered about how people make decisions. I wonder what percentage of people try to strictly use a deliberate process, logically considering all information they can gather, considering pros and cons, then decide.

How is it that a person committed to singleness, or serial monogamy as a single person, suddenly chooses to marry someone they barely know?

I wonder what percentage of people make choices based on their gut instinct or emotion, regardless of evidence.

On the third hand, it seems there is little agreement on what constitutes facts, especially in politics, and how does one decide which sources to trust? From the outside, it appears so often that one person’s facts are another person’s opinions. Oh my. I am not eager for the next round of election ugliness. Icky sicky, it makes me.

If there was a scale to weigh pros and cons, what would tip the scales for you? Just for a current example, if you are deciding whether to vaccinate or not, would you focus more on the risk of a possible reaction to the vaccine, or the risks of the illness or death itself if you do not vaccinate?

If you are pro life, are you pro all life, or just some lives? Before you answer too quickly, do you squash bugs? Do you eat any kind of flesh? Words matter.

I will say the only place I reliably find respite for my weary spirit is in the Bible, and when my head feels like a spinning top, I go to what is the core for me – the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew chapters 5-7. Thank you Jesus!

Government System

Our government system was designed to consist of three branches, legislative, judicial, administrative. This matters, and intends to keep each branch in check. No matter how they disagree, it’s crucial to keep checks and balances. I certainly don’t want to live under a dictatorship where opposition is squashed or reputations are destroyed.

I recently read about Britain’s King Charles I who disbanded the British Parliament more than once in order to do away with opposition and be a dictator. He eventually was declared a traitor and beheaded in 1649. https://www.history.com/…/king-charles-i-executed-for…

I am most definitely not in favor of beheadings. Why did I share this? Because human power should never be absolute, nor fueled by selfish ambition.

2019 UMC General Conference

This is my personal response to some who asked for my take on things.

We knew that however it ended up, a large number of people would feel hurt, scarred, betrayed and disillusioned.  Another large group would feel those exact same things, and relieved.  Everyone involved feels war torn.  A sad state of affairs.  It is not yet over.

As God is my witness, I try to surrender to God and not my own will, compulsions, nor changing societies, values, and trends.  Jesus said He only did the Father’s will, and I want to be like Jesus, unashamed of the gospel.

My favorite uncle was gay, I have parishioners who are lesbian, and friends with other lifestyles and I love them as friends.  We mutually understand that love does not always mean agreement in all matters.

Scripture says, “As far as it is up to you, be at peace with all.”  We all need God.  We all have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.

My foundation and continuing guidance must be God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as revealed in scripture, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, discerned in study and groups of faithful Christians.  For those among us who feel compelled to answer to God above all else, our hearts and minds must align with God.

My friends, even though I love you, I cannot agree with attitudes and actions of unrepentant, open disobedience and intentional disruption as experienced in public spaces, conferences, and social media.

Parts of scripture may be difficult to accept and apply in this time of socio-political upheavals.  Still, it is disrespectful to God to misuse verses out of context to support popular ever changing opinion.  Even Jesus set boundaries, and as the prime demonstration of love, He said, “Go and sin no more.”

Grace, truth, and peace be yours.  RevDonnaH

No Excuses – Press On!

When you share your faith, it’s not always accepted by others.  You know that some are thinking (or even saying) “What gives you the right to tell me anything?  You’re not such hot stuff yourself, I know about your past!”

Keep this verse in your heart and press on.  Let those slings and arrows of others bounce off your armor of God, you have a new life in Christ, my friend.  Hear the word of the Lord, through the Apostle Paul:

“Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.”       Philippians 3:12

Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up – pray for them as you continue following the call God put on your own life, through the Holy Spirit, and confirmation from others.

What Is Class?

What Is Class?.  Please visit this gentleman’s WordPress blog, to read his tribute to his father-in-law’s good words to his daughters.

“Class never runs scared.  It is sure-footed and confident in the knowledge that you can meet life head on and handle whatever comes along.

Jacob had it.  Esau didn’t.  Symbolically, we can look to Jacob’s wrestling match with the angel.  Those who have class have wrestled with their own personal angel and won a victory that marks them thereafter.

Class never makes excuses.  It takes lumps and learns from past mistakes.  Class is considerate of others.  It knows that good manners are nothing more than a series of small sacrifices.

Class bespeaks an aristocracy that has nothing to do with ancestors or money.  The most affluent blue blood can be totally without class, while the descendant of a Welsh miner may ooze class from every pore.

Class never tries to build itself up by tearing others down.  Class is already up and need not strive to look better by making others look worse.

Class can “walk with kings and keep its virtue and talk with crowds and keep the common touch.”  Everyone is comfortable with the person who has class because he is comfortable with himself.

If you have class you don’t need much of anything else.  If you don’t have it, no matter what else you have, it doesn’t make much difference.”