The Rest of Your Life

Who are you? Who do you aspire to be, or not to be? Develop who you are.

What will you do? How will you live your life? Who will you be? How will others describe you or remember you? Will you simply go along, or will you be mindful, intentional, purposeful? At the end, will you regret time wasters? Will you be frenetically busy? Will you see, not just look; listen, not just hear; enjoy, smile, laugh, cry, allow the feels, not dwelling excessively (whatever that means to you) wallowing in them?

A good listen, this.


I thought to myself, that looks pretty and fun, why not learn a new skill. The videos made it look like something I might enjoy, then the books seemed very helpful. Then my new beginner calligraphy set was enticingly cute.

I quickly discovered what a clueless beginner I am. But I am not a quitter, no ma’am! Fair warning, you might get a handwritten letter that looks nothing like beautiful calligraphy. Be nice with my fragile feelings.