2019 UMC General Conference

This is my personal response to some who asked for my take on things. We knew that however it ended up, a large number of people would feel hurt, scarred, betrayed and disillusioned.  Another large group would feel those exact same things, and relieved.  Everyone involved feels war torn.  A sad state of affairs.  ItContinue reading “2019 UMC General Conference”

No Excuses – Press On!

When you share your faith, it’s not always accepted by others.  You know that some are thinking (or even saying) “What gives you the right to tell me anything?  You’re not such hot stuff yourself, I know about your past!” Keep this verse in your heart and press on.  Let those slings and arrows ofContinue reading “No Excuses – Press On!”

What Would Jesus Do?

To know “what would Jesus do?”  Go to the source – read and learn for yourself.  You may be surprised what (or how) He would do/act! If you are not sure where to find the record of Jesus’s words and actions, find a Bible translation you can understand, then look through the books of Matthew,Continue reading “What Would Jesus Do?”

Be Encouraged, Take Heart

Our focus belongs on God’s steadfast love and mercy, rather than the ever-changing values and troubles of society and the world.  It can be hard sometimes, especially when those near us devalue your faith.  Take heart, you are in excellent company. “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be veryContinue reading “Be Encouraged, Take Heart”