I am called to ministry for God, the foundation of my identity.  I am huge advocate of lifelong learning, and even when mastery doesn’t always happen, I love the journey.  There is great joy and freedom in daydreaming, designing, starting all kinds of creative projects, and sometimes I finish them.  It has been a good side gig to be a Notary Public, and I have been surprised by the fun of being a “property matchmaker” Realtor/Broker with Heber Springs Realty.  Now my newest obsession is handwritten letters on actual paper (gasp!) and mailing them through the postal service, and trying to learn calligraphy.

Being a traditional Jesus person, I learn from scripture that He teaches both grace and truth are necessary.  Being real with you here, I admit being a disciple of Jesus keeps me on my toes in the sometimes challenging interactions of life.

Foundationally, my goal is God.  Scripture was inspired by the only one true God, and put in writing by people, in a variety of styles and literary genres, over many years, in a variety of locations, for diverse listeners.  Then the holy words of scripture were translated into many many languages, including (but not limited to) Latin, Ye Olde King’s English, Swahili, Russian, French, Japanese, present-day English, and others.   And still, with ALL THAT, scripture is amazingly fresh and relevant for such a time as today and every tomorrow.

I am ordained as a Brethren in Christ minister, currently pastoring two United Methodist congregations in Arkansas.  I also serve as a Chaplain with a local hospital, primarily in the more critical specialties.

I welcome your respectful conversation here, and reserve the right to delete things inappropriate or offensive in my opinion.

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