How Do You Decide?

As I drove to the office today, my mind wandered and I wondered about how people make decisions. I wonder what percentage of people try to strictly use a deliberate process, logically considering all information they can gather, considering pros and cons, then decide.

How is it that a person committed to singleness, or serial monogamy as a single person, suddenly chooses to marry someone they barely know?

I wonder what percentage of people make choices based on their gut instinct or emotion, regardless of evidence.

On the third hand, it seems there is little agreement on what constitutes facts, especially in politics, and how does one decide which sources to trust? From the outside, it appears so often that one person’s facts are another person’s opinions. Oh my. I am not eager for the next round of election ugliness. Icky sicky, it makes me.

If there was a scale to weigh pros and cons, what would tip the scales for you? Just for a current example, if you are deciding whether to vaccinate or not, would you focus more on the risk of a possible reaction to the vaccine, or the risks of the illness or death itself if you do not vaccinate?

If you are pro life, are you pro all life, or just some lives? Before you answer too quickly, do you squash bugs? Do you eat any kind of flesh? Words matter.

I will say the only place I reliably find respite for my weary spirit is in the Bible, and when my head feels like a spinning top, I go to what is the core for me – the words of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew chapters 5-7. Thank you Jesus!

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